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As a photographer I am mostly interested in people, places and details. My love for old Finninsh b&w movies, Italian neorealism and Akira Kurosawa's and Sergei Eisenstein's production partly explain why I photograph as I do. And if you don't understand Daido Moriyama or Junichiro Tanizaki you don't know me. I welcome your comments. Enjoy.

The picture on the right shows me standing amongst some laundry ladies in 1959. My mother is supposed to stand on the left. They say I hated that blue velvet outfit so much from the beginning I took it off on our traditional Midsummer Day Cruise and threw it overboard.

I'm a dad with a wife and one lovely daughter. I was born and raised in Finland. Despite my travels I could give you 100 reasons why Finland is The Most Kick-Ass-Country in the world.

"Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing". Harriet Braiker, American psychologist and writer. As a Teacher of the Deaf and Special Education Teacher I couldn't agree more.



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2013 Regional Photography Exhibition of South Savo. Mikkeli Centre of Photography, Finland.

2016 Regional Photography Exhibition of South Savo. Mikkeli Centre of Photography, Finland.

2016 Luminous Galleries. Mikkeli Centre of Photography, Finland.

Participants of the 2013 Regional Photography Exhibition of South Savo. Yours truly, third one from the left.