My Fav Image - Kamera Mag 3/2022

Tuesday 8/23/22, time 4:03 PM

The Finnish Kamera-lehti (Camera Mag) 3/2022 published an article about me and my circus images in their series Mielikuvani - My Fav Image under the title Elämä on yhtä sirkusta (Life is a Circus.) My fav image presents Michelle Musser the Clown performing with Circus Finlandia in 2918. Text and my foto: Juha Laitalainen.





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Sneak Peek into the Future

Monday 2/28/22, time 9:07 PM

The latest issue of the Finnish Kamera-lehti (Kamera Mag 2/22) gave a sneak peek into the future. Coming up in the next issue (3/22) on sale 8 april. Kamera-lehti presents me and one of my images under the title Mielikuvani (My Fav Photo.)


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