The Pictorial-List, Instagram and me 2

Saturday 10/10/20, time 6:16 PM

The Pictorial-List mentioned me and published my image in their HAPPY HASHTAG DAY publication on Instagram and their site . This HAPPY HASTAG DAY selection was curated by photographer Adrian Rh. His Instagram account >>> @adriano.rh .

I took this photo on a foggy October morning at 6.55 AM when I was fetching the newspaper.



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The Pictorial-List, Instagram and me

Sunday 9/6/20, time 9:23 PM

The Pictorial-List most obviously like my photograph and kindly mentioned me in their Instagram Stories. I photographed Tapio Manninen, the logger when he was thinning a small grove next to our house . Thank you Tapio for the shot! And thank you The Pictorial-List for presenting my image in your Instagram Stories!

My instagram account: @simovaisanen

The Pictorial-List showcase the work of photographers from all over the globe to explore and be inspired by. Photographers whose pictures convey the essence of a place, or who find the extraordinary in an ordinary place; photographers whose images tell a story.


Keywords: the pictorial.list, instagram, logger