Nikon Z 7 II Product Tour Video

Friday 10/16/20, time 6:04 PM

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Nikon Z 6II Product Tour Video

Friday 10/16/20, time 5:55 PM

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THE NEXT CHAPTER - Z6 II and Z 7II. Nikon makes new history!

Tuesday 9/29/20, time 10:41 PM

Nikon finally launches the next Z generation! Online launch event on 14.10.2020 (Wed). Check you local timetable according to your region.


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Z - Mirrorless Is the Future!

Wednesday 9/9/20, time 9:13 PM

I've been using mirrorless cameras ever since 2006. My first one was a bridge camera Canon Powershot Pro 1. It was slow but it had quality  optics. I even shot two weddings with it and finally donated it to a young friend of mine in Yemen. 

After Canon EOS 7D, Fujifilm X100, X100S, X100T, XPro 1 and XPro 2 and a plethora of optics I finally dumped APS-C size sensor and jumped on the Nikon Z train. One of the  reasons for switching from Fuji to Nikon was the end of Fujifilm Finland. Instead of Fujifilm Finland and a trusted camera repair in Helsinki we got Fujifilm Nordic somewhere in Sweden. No way! Keep your damn jack!

When Nikon released Z6 and Z7 cameras with only three lenses in August 2018 the internet exploded. Only one card slot! No working eye detection af! No battery grip! Only f1.8 and f4 lenses! Soon YouTube was full of similar songs. The world is not enough! Check Nikon Z6 now after firmware Ver.3.10!

I jumped on the Nikon Z train in August 2019. After unboxing my new Z6  I was literally struck with awe. The camera body felt good in my hands and the viewfinder was something I had never experienced before. Must say it was love at first sight!


          nikonlogoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg            330px-Nikon.Z-series.logo.svg3.jpg

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Z coming soon!

Thursday 9/3/20, time 3:41 PM


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