Video:B&W Street Photography - What Are the Finns Like? Volume 1.

Friday 1/31/20, time 9:56 AM

B&W Street Photography - What Are the Finns Like? Volume 1. Old school B&W images of ordinary Finns living their lives up North between Sweden and Russia. Enjoy! Like & subscribe!

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Home Sweet Home Series

Wednesday 11/13/19, time 9:32 PM - Simo Väisänen

Finally something new. Added my latest photo series Home Sweet Home to my album.

We all seem to know what real estate ads and especially their images look like. Of course there are as many photographers as real estate agents but in most cases home ads show us homes and houses that are styled for sale and look spick-and-span.

In this photo series The Empire Strikes Back. The images in Home Sweet Home  present an intimate insight to a home where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong  and laughter never ends. It's a home for ordinary people.  And it's  absolutely not for sale.

Home Sweet Home Series - click here:  Home Sweet Home


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My Photography - My Rules

Friday 11/17/17, time 3:26 PM


1. "We know too much about how photographs look. Or pictures look. It is the easiest thing in the world. It is natural to make those pictures we know. It's boring, you don't learn anything that way. You keep making what you know... So I try to deal with things - I've worked out my own way, I guess, to contend with that problem of being programmed about knowing too much about pictures."              

Garry Winogrand


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